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Are you a happy couple keen to begin the journey of planning your perfect wedding day? Or looking to reaffirm your love for one another? Are you excited parents, eager to share the joy of your new baby? Or maybe you are searching for someone to lead the farewell of a loved-one's life?

Whatever type of celebration you are planning, I am excited to offer my services to assist you in making your dream celebration a reality.



A wedding is the beautiful beginning of two lives joining together. It should be a time of great celebration and reflect who the couple are. I pride myself on creating a ceremony that is uniquely personalised.
Are you after short, sweet and meaningful? You can have it. Would you prefer a longer ceremony full of joyous celebration? It's yours. Are you looking for a truly classic ceremony? Or maybe you would like fun, upbeat and even a little quirky? If it's your dream, then I will help make it a reality.
I aim to make the whole process as stress free and enjoyable as possible. I will support you through every step and play my part in having a truly happy couple on their most
special day.

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Naming Day Celebrant
Naming Day Ceremonies


Welcoming a beautiful baby into the world is a magical and life changing experience.
I understand the significance of officially introducing your child to the people most important in your life. As such, I ensure that your little one's naming day will be the exact special moment that you wish for them.
I welcome the inclusion of meaningful rituals, as well as music and words spoken by others.
Not only is a naming day ceremony about the joy of welcoming a precious child, but also recognising the role that each person present has in encouraging and protecting the child through life.

Vow Renewals


No matter how long you have been married for, it's always a beautiful moment when you take the time to stop, join together with those you love, and recommit yourselves.People renew their vows for many reasons; maybe you began your married life with a small court house wedding and now you wish to have a grand celebration; maybe your love has survived through tough times in your life; or maybe you simply want to celebrate a milestone and your ongoing love and commitment to one another.This beautiful ceremony will celebrate the never ending love that you both have for one another, and the love that will continue to last a lifetime.

Vow Renewal Ceremony
Funeral Celebrant


A funeral is a significant moment, bringing people together; sharing in their sadness and memories as they join to say goodbye to a loved one. Every life deserves to be remembered and celebrated with dignity, and I am always honoured to be asked to lead such a special occasion.Whether it is a graveside funeral, a chapel service or a cremation; a small intimate gathering, or a large group of hundreds; a traditional funeral, or one with unique additions to commemorate the unique character of your loved one; I aim to provide a beautiful and respectful final farewell.

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